They are everywhere

“Good night”, she said in a hurry,

“Dont let the bed bugs bite”

at that time, didnt seem necessary.


I sat there thinking

of how lonely the room could be

with my eyes, continuously blinking.


Switched lights off, silence crept in

I could hear the clock

slowly tickin.


I wished I wasnt alone

Though I was fine that way

coz I had my phone.


Little did I know

my wish would get fulfilled

so very soon. Oh! no.


I tossed and turned.

Never wish for something so silly

Lesson learned.


Switched on the torch of my phone

To my surprise, more like shock

I wasnt all alone.


The party under the sheets

was on for long.. but midnight

is when they planned their meets.


Why? Oh, why are they here?

It is late and Im tired

Rest, for me is dear.


A little peace, a little sleep

is all I needed, at this time.

Why did they decide to peep?


Creeping and crawling all over

slowly at times and swift

over my sheets they hover.

They have spread their territory.

They found bags and furniture,

where they could help themselves bury.


Hoping theyll miraculously vanish tomorrow

coz they havent been good.

Theyve brought me more sorrow.

God please dont listen to me

When I wish for something

dont grant it as quick as you can be.

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