When eating becomes a sin.

At some point of time in our lives, we all have felt that a dress or a shirt would fit us better if we were skinny. We feel that our entire image would improve if we lost a few kgs. This line of thought is very common but for a few, it turns into an obsession. This leads to the birth of many diseases, the most prominent being an eating disorder.


We all love to eat. In fact, we need food to perform all our daily activities. Now, imagine having a condition where you eat excessively and then feel bad about it. You feel so bad that you induce in self-purging or excessive exercise or sometimes both. This condition is called bulimia nervosa. It is a life-threatening disease which usually comes after a binge.


There are two main categories under bulimia.  The first is known as purging bulimia in which eating is followed by self-induced vomiting and misuse of laxatives. The second is non-purging bulimia which includes fasting and/or excessive exercise.


Heres a fact that you might not know. Bulimia is not just related to food but also to self-image. A skinny person who thinks that they are a little overweight can also develop bulimia. Some of the symptoms include ones obsession with their body shape and weight and the fear of gaining weight. Some people might also eat until the point of discomfort or pain.


Bulimia is not the end point. It leads to other health problems some of which include dehydration, heart problems, dental problems and anxiety and depression. Sometimes it gets so bad that people can commit suicide.


Many times since my childhood, I’ve felt that I was a little overweight and that people judge me because of it. Being called fat, even as a joke affected me a lot. Even today I buy almost all my clothes keeping in mind that I shouldn’t appear fat in them. Many people might have felt the same way. Our society promotes such unrealistic body images that it becomes unhealthy. Sometimes such feelings combined with comments or even looks can cause people to feel uncomfortable. Not just that, today we see all these “perfect figures” that make us feel insecure. All these factors can lead to someone happy and carefree develop bulimia.


What I feel is that we all should love ourselves for what we are. If someone close to us is suffering from bulimia, dont give them pity or make it a very hush hush topic. Go talk to them and try to understand their point of view. Make them feel loved and not excluded or fragile.

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