Check your torch before heading deep into the caves.

The Congo Caves is one of South Africa’s most popular attractions. Discovered by a farmer in 1780, the
caves are an epitome of enchanting dripstones. The reason why the caves attract a large population of
tourists and explorers alike is because of its unique formations that include Mother Mary carrying Baby Jesus.

Open for visits throughout the year, the dripstone formations within these caves form both historical
and real-life objects. Once you enter the caves, the temperature turns warm and humid. Since all the
chambers are lit up, the natural decor and formations can be seen vividly. The main hall  Van Zyl’s Hall has a ceiling with stalactites similar to leaves and is known as Dried Tobacco Leaves of Oudtshoorn.

The dripstone clusters are naturally gold and vermilion in colour and are a treat for sore eyes. The Van
Zyl’s Hall is also known for Cleopatra’s Needle, that is over 150,000 years old measuring 9m.

Not only are the caves a visual treat, but also an adventurous one. For those seeking adventure, an
assault course at the end of the tunnel is offered. It involves climbing a steep ladder and crawling
through a narrow hole while enjoying everything that the caves have to offer. A definite site to visit!

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