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The human brain is an ever-whirring machine that seeks out things around that just might challenge and preoccupy it. I suppose thats where all hobbies come from. The desire to do something that while to the untrained eye, seems mostly dismissive is, in fact, a great stimulant of the most valued faculty a man possesses, his mind.

As a child in the bustling streets of the ever buzzing suburbs, I found great solace in picking up weather beaten feathers disowned by their winged proprietors. Large dark ones that I hoped were from great soaring Falcons but were, in fact, from the numerous crows that pecked their way through the collecting garbage. Slender gray ones that belonged to cooing pigeons that are the trademark of any city. Brownish red ones that fell off roosting eagles. I had about twenty in a pretty little file that was the pride of my eye. One of the best memories is of me adding a bright blue-green peacock feather to that collection of mine, contributed generously by a visiting relative.

Hobbies start out as hard work that seems to call for too much time and attention, but as you build on it, the rewarding experience that meets you is beyond description. It feels like youre walking through the several milestones that lead to success. With every little addition to your collection, you feel yourself beaming with pride at all youve managed to achieve out of bare nothing. You watch your little creation grow and flourish at your dedicated touch.

Hard core hobbyists know better than to just collect things and let them lie. They investigate the properties and history of their wards and try to learn and create more knowledge. Take stamp collecting, coin collecting or any form of numismatics, the timeline through which the stamp or coin was made and through the age where it was passed from person to person before finally becoming one of your cherished treasures. Exploring the shadows of age that these things cast are one of the best things about them.

Start small and stay attached, the experience is truly one of the best.



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