Indian Girls Code

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When it comes to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields, girls are significantly underrepresented in most parts of India.

Deepti Rao Suchindran and Aditi Prasad, who works in public policy, felt that this gap needed to be addressed. Inspired by initiatives like ‘Girls Who Code’ and ‘Black Girls Code’, the pair of young innovators decided to harness the power of robotics to make school education more interactive.

The two sisters founded Robotix LS, a company with a mission to inspire the next generation of innovators and creators and groundwork for a free coding and robotics education programme for underprivileged girls. The kids will be able to create their own little robots that could do simple tasks like picking up trash, segregating waste.
In a country where technical degrees often translate to higher-paying jobs, Aditi and Deepti are working to offer girls better careers and opportunities. We salute their spirit and wish them all the best in their endeavor to create a new discourse in tech education for girls.


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