5 amazing habits you should adopt immediately to be happy in your life

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Are you finding yourself stuck in the same daily grind and perhaps even in a hollow?

Life can be dead hectic, and we can forget to pay attention to ourselves, both our body and our mind.

This is where daily habits come in! If you do something constantly enough, you’ll see results. It takes a small amount of effort initially, but once you get in the routine, these habits can be life-changing.

Here are some habits you should adopt every day to keep yourself happy in your life.

1. Stick to your plans


It amazes me the people I know don’t keep a calendar. For example, when we make plans, I immediately write it in my calendar so I don’t forget my plans or meetings. But sometimes, the person I’m supposed to meet did not meet me up or forgot about our plans. I think it will help your relationships if you keep a calendar to keep your commitments.


2. Stay away from your phones


A study shows that your phone emits a blue light that interferes with sleep. But beyond the physical reasons, there are more psychological reasons to leave the phone somewhere else. For example, if you wake up in the middle of the night, you might be attracted to check Facebook or emails. That will wake you up even more, so it’s best not to have that kind of attraction.


3. Remember your struggles


Within every struggle lies an opportunity to learn something good and become better. Within every victory lies a lesson in how to succeed and how to move forward in your life. History often repeats itself and if you’ve had a problem once, you will likely face something similar again. Do always remember what worked for you, and what didn’t. 


4. Do exercise regularly


This is one habit everyone has to adopt. Getting up and exercising every day is one of the most important daily habits you should get into. Not only will it keep you healthy, but it will add time to your life and and make you happy.


5. Smile Everyday


Don’t be so serious! It’s not just a quote from The Dark Knight—Laugh:is one of the essential habits you should adopt in your daily life. Put on your favorite stand-up satire or watch funny videos. I mean, really – what’s better than laughing every day, dude?



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