5 surprising health benefits of playing games

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Many of us think gamers as lazy, but there is actually tons of physical and cognitive health benefits to playing video games. Interestingly, the benefits of video gaming dont end there, either. Want to know more? Game on.


1. Improved vision


Common parental warning to protect kids eyes is “Dont sit so close to the TV”, but gaming has shown to normalize cataracts and lazy eyes.


Fast-paced games that require attention train players to view things more

sharply and improve the ability to find out different shades of grey.


2. Reduced stress


Gaming is a great way to keep your brain busy without bringing on the burdens of real-world stress. Gaming has shown to reduce adrenaline response by over 50%.


Gaming makes you social, by finding new friends and at the same time, it helps you a better person with respect to anger management and lower frustration levels


3. Better-decision making


Gaming strategy requires critical thinking that translates well in the real world.

In gaming split-second decision-making program allows players to quickly analyze their surroundings and react.


4. Gaming presses start on your good moods


Even a bus-journey burst of a most basic game can do you good. An East Carolina University study found that 30 minutes a day of casual games of the Candy Crush Saga type, with simple rules and short levels alleviated depression and anxiety.


5. Slows the aging process


Gaming is especially good for older people, for whom it gives higher levels of happiness, whereas non-players ought to show negative emotions. Playing strategic or brain games helps problem-solving and largely improves memory.


Anything around 8-10 hours of play can lead to increased cognitive functioning in gamers aged 50 and above.



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