Who will reign over Karnataka?

After a hell lot of a roller coaster ride of melodrama, the election results of Karnataka have finally settled down to a tremendously surprising climax. BJP showcased a constant lead over the rest from the commencement of ballot counting. Congress was on the verge of gawking at one more defeat at the arms of the BJP when JDS came to their rescue by extending support for the Congress here. Modi Magic managed to conquer the minds of Voters while Rahul maneuvers had more or less no effect on the votes obtained, rather it dropped radically compared to the previous elections.

According to mock polls conducted in the month of April, Congress had an upper hand over the rest while the BJP was predicted to fall short of the majority mark. And then, in the month of May, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself came down for the election campaigning at Karnataka. He managed to cover 21 public meetings, addressing as many as four rallies a day. By gun firing derisive deluge one after the other against the reigning Congress and touting anti-elitist promises at these rallies, PM Modi solely augmented the BJP’s prospects in Karnataka. He managed to unbolt the party’s entrance to southern India.

The political imprints of the Congress have been dwindling ever since the 2014 election and Rahul Gandhi’s strategies couldn’t brand the situation any better. The hold of the Congress party as a single party remains only on three states and if the same trend remains, the slogan, ‘Congress-free Bharat’, of the saffron party may perhaps turn out to be a very factual possibility.

As the day came to an end and the results trickled in, the status when 222 of 224 seats were declared is BJP stays far ahead with 104 seats in their pockets while congress lags at the second position with 78 seats. JDS won the third position with 37 seats and the other parties 3 seats. From this status, it is evident that none of the parties managed to collect as many as 113 seats that accounts for the minimum number of seats needed for the majority.

As the BJP was about to celebrate their victory in the Karnataka Election on the 15th of May, came in the thunderstorm, the news that the Congress-JDS is all set to tie up to form the Karnataka government. With Karnataka constituency members flinging up a fissured obligation, a number of twists and turns had marked the day as it progressed. Now the prevalent question which emanates to the front is – who will be the next chief minister of Karnataka?

Going by the present-day situation, either BS Yeddyurappa or HD Kumaraswamy is said to be the chief minister of the state. In what hailed as a big blow to the BJP, the Congress has declared unconditional backing to the JD(S). Together, both the parties, the Congress and the JDS, cross the majority mark of 112 seats.

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According to the latest news update, the Kumaraswamy alleges that Rs 100 crore and cabinet positions were offered to MLAs of his party by the BJP to side with them. HD Kumaraswamy, while addressing the media, also thrashed that the BJP has no ethical right to give a sermon to them on government formation. With an umpteen number of dramas lingering around the Karnataka Elections, all we can do is the wait and witness the witty politics about to take place. Stay tuned at the writemore.com to know more about the election results and the inner politics of the Karnataka Vidhan Sabha Elections.

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