The Beauty of Pink Lake

Lac Rose or Pink lake is an oddity of nature! Nature has an abnormal method for circulating a few ‘presents’ unequally. Aside nations like Canada, Spain and Azerbaijan who are recipients of this one of a kind sort’s “blessing”, Senegal is the main African nation that got what’s coming to its. For sure Lake Retba, nature’s staggering pink blessing to Senegal, has been a well known traveler have a great time this West African city throughout the years.

White shorelines and sandy rises call to travelers, film groups, and even play host to the end goal of the Dakar Rally. As enticing as it shows up, regardless of its prevalence, and the way that you will frequently observe individuals swimming through the pink waves, Lake Retba isn’t the friendliest of waters, and that white sand is for the most part salt.

Otherwise called “Lac Rose,” this one of a kind lake lies only north of the Cap Vert Peninsula of Senegal, upper east of Dakar. Its salt substance matches that of the Dead Sea, which makes for expanded human lightness, and additionally a bustling salt industry. Salt authorities arrive every day at the lake, canvassed in shea spread to shield their skin from the cruel saltiness, and burn through seven hours daily gathering the valuable mineral from the lakebed.

The water in Lake Retba always shows signs of change tones, yet the most shocking pink shade shows up amid the dry season. Amid blustery climate and amid the short wet season, the lake’s shading isn’t strikingly pink because of the rain, which weakens the saltiness. The salt-adoring miniaturized scale life form Dunaliella salina, joined with high a mineral focus and the force of the mid year sun, are the makers of the cotton confection hued water. With the salt levels coming to up to 40%, the lake can once in a while take a more evil shade, showing up crimson, a considerably less consoling spot for your creative ability to go while looking out upon the strange view.

Know Before You Go

The lake is 40 km north of Senegal’s capital, Dakar. With an auto, the ride will take you short of what 60 minutes.

Going to Senegal without seeing Lac Rose resembles going to Rome without seeing the Pope, or something like that. You would prefer not to miss this lovely experience. Appreciate!

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