An incredible natural phenomena that you won’t believe actually exists

Our planet is bursting with amazing natural beauty, from stunning white sand beaches to the spectacular mountains. So, its no doubt that the earth is a wonderful place. But some things are like no other and can truly take our breath away. And it might be hard to believe that these marvels actually exist!


If youve ever dreamt of wandering through the bubbles, you should book your next trip to canada and create a mesmerizing reflection of the lake.


Here is one the most incredible natural phenomena. So, if you fancy a mind-blowing experience, add this destination to your bucket list!


Frozen Bubble Lake


Where: Alberta, Canada

When: Winter


Frozen bubbles lie beneath Lake Abraham creating a unique mountain view. The decaying plants on the bed of the lake release methane which becomes trapped just below the surface as the lake begins to freeze in Winter. But dont be fooled by the beauty, the bubbles are made from pockets of highly flammable methane and while being relatively harmless, if you light a match theres a good chance the bubbles will explode!


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