Ten things about Canada you might not know.

Canada has been often termed in popular media as the sweetest country in the world. After a little insight from mainstream media, a few posts from celebrities from Canada, posts on Tumblr and religiously following the pursuits of Gods gracious blessing Justin Trudeau, Canada has secured its place as one of my favourite countries of the world. And ever since Ive been reading and sort of memorizing facts about this wondrous country. These are my ten current favourite, in no order.


Canada is home to the worlds longest street. The Yonge Street is a whopping 2000 kms.


It also has the only desert in the whole wide world, where visitors have a boardwalk to walk on.


Canadas post office receives millions of letters addressed to Santa Claus every Christmas. It is said they respond to each one.


Half of Canadas provinces are governed by women (Wohooo!)


Dog Food is tax deductible in Canada.


There are more donut shops in Canada per capita than in any other country.


Canada has a world heritage site named Head Smashed In-Buffalo Jump.

Canada was the first country to build a UFO landing pad.

77% of the worlds maple syrup is produced in Canada.


Canada has one of the worlds hottest leaders. #trudeauforthewin


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