Will Karnataka election be effected by the steadfastness of this young man on cycle?

When our outrage, often, is limited to, Social Media, meet Akhil K Gowda being a medium for the social outrage. This 25-year-old engineer from Jalsoor Village is on a mission to change the status quo of the caste, religion, money, and corruption-driven voting system in India. He has taken it upon himself to promote clean politics across Karnataka. Akhil sets off on his cycle each day to travel around Karnataka, creating awareness about a corruption-free and unbiased politics that could come into existence with proper knowledge about the same.

He began his mission, ‘vote for clean politics’, on January 12th, prior to the Vidhan Sabha election that Karnataka is about to witness on 12th May 2018. He aims to cover 3,000 kilometers across the State asking people to be sensible and well informed before casting their highest civilian right in a democracy. He stresses the importance of a government that shoves development

Solving the problems in the fields of education, health, poverty rather than caste and religion.

A degree holder in electrical and electronics engineering, Akhil, graduated from Visveshwaraiah Institute of Technology, Mysuru. After graduation, he was adamant to try his best in bringing about a change in the society, thus launching his venture of ‘vote for clean politics’. He sets off at 8 am and wraps it all by 6 pm, covering about 80 kilometers a day.

Akhil has been quoted saying that the responses had been overwhelming and people were appreciating the mission, which in turn encourages him to stay focused towards achieving his goal. Approximately 200 people have joined his team and he plans to keep up the spirit and struggle till he earns the fruit of all his hard works. He has already put up an NGO named ‘Yuva’, with the envisioning development. He solemnly desires to eradicate the state and national level politics to be cleansed of its tribulations.

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