10 simple things that make you healthier without exercise

Getting healthy is everyone’s basic necessity these days. You need not go on a serious diet, take a lot pills to become healthy, achieve the right weight for you, or improve your longevity. Day by day choices can provide you major benefits for your heart, brain, digestion, weight, and longevity.

Here are 10 to start with:

  1. Add Soluble Fiber to Your Diet

Soluble fiber is a type of fiber that’s been shown to dramatically improve heart health improves blood sugars and enhances digestive health. The soluble fiber in oats, apples, pears and barley has all shown to reduce cholesterol and help keep you full. No chalky fiber supplements needed here! Add whole food sources of soluble fiber instead. This type of fiber gels up in the intestines that digest more slowly. As it does, two things happen: it regulates digestion and also whisks away cholesterol that clogs your arteries and toxins that weaken immunity at the same time. Oranges, bananas, artichokes, blackberries, beets, onions, carrots, asparagus, pumpkin, potatoes, squash, and chia seeds are also the good source of fiber.

  1. Go With Greens Every Day

If someone wanted to know one food that could change their health above others, it would be greens. Veggies like Aspinach, kale, collards, and even others like romaine, turnip and mustard greens improves liver health and decreases inflammation as well high amounts of vitamin A (beta-carotene) that improves immunity and fights cancer, and high amounts of vitamin C and fiber. They are also very low in calories (if that’s a concern) and keep you satisfied a long time. Green veggies has high amount of magnesium

, which reduces blood sugar, aids in energy, reduces stress, and helps you sleep. Raw or cooked, greens make a good choice.

  1. Have a Smoothie a Day

Make your own smoothies at home using real, whole foods. For your all in one food, this works in at least 3 or more fruits and/or veggies. This is for people who are busy an easy way to get in these necessary foods for good health all in just minutes. It’s also much more filling than breakfast cereals, processed snacks, and is anti-inflammatory unlike animal-based choices.

  1. Kick the Sugar to the Curb

Enjoy your favourite desserts in a healthier form, without all the added sugar. Sugar is pretty much one of the easiest ways to gain weight and improve your risk of Type 2 diabetes – something I doubt anyone here is aspiring to. It’s also inflammatory, highly processed, and it doesn’t keep you full. Make raw desserts using just dried or whole fruits instead, or use naturally sugar-free stevia, nature’s healthiest sugar – fruit – is the best choice of all. Avoiding sugar can help you reduce acne problems, ward off aging, and improve your overall taste buds.

  1. Eat a Plant-Strong Diet

If you don’t want to be a “grass eater” then you must eat plant-strong diet as much as possible. It’s one of the most clinically proven ways to improve your longevity and keep your weight and heart healthy for the longest period of time. There are many variations you can choose on a plant-strong diet. It’s not black or white; choose a soy-free, lower carbgluten-free, or a simple, whole foods vegan diet.

  1. Choose Water-Rich Beverages

Water is necessary to maintain a healthy body and dehydration can lead to a host of health issues, many of which you might not be aware of. Watery drinks can make you avoid sugary drinks or caffeinated energy drinks that hurt your adrenals. Drink water several times through the day, or consume herbal tea, which is also rich in water naturally.

  1. Eat a Fresh Piece of Produce with Every Meal

Always include a fresh piece of produce in your every meal. This is pretty simple; if you do this three times a day for a week, you’ve consumed 21 fruits, veggies, or greens all without thinking about it. You will avoid chocolate bars, sugary snacks, or high fat animal-foods to keep you full; produce can do that so long as you are sure not to forget it!

  1. Seriously, go to Bed Earlier

Aside from your meals and drinks, please – go to bed earlier! Everyone preaches this, but many of us (guilty as charged here) don’t do it enough. At least seven hours of sleep, preferably eight, hours will ensure your hormones are healthy, which equates to lower stress and a healthier weight that are key markers of good health

  1. Consume Anti-Inflammatory Fats

Plant-based sources of omega 3 fats are important for reducing your risk of heart disease, they improve brain health, they can help you reduce your risk for obesity and they reduce inflammation. Good sources include walnuts, chia, flax, cashews, almonds, hemp, avocado, sacha inchi seeds or protein, and acai berries to name some of the best.

  1. Don’t Cut Calories

Your body needs calories to stay strong. The less calories you eat, the more you tell your body that it needs to slow down to conserve energy. You don’t need to avoid calorie-rich foods like oil into your diets, you should be sure to eat a variety of complex carbs, healthy proteins, fats, and all the produce you can get your hands on. Your metabolism, brain health, and energy will definitely improve a lot.

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