5 ways to enhance your reading and understanding skills

Students always have a problem in remembering what they have learnt; these are five easy ways to make your reading and understanding better. So that you can retrieve it better.

1.Split the page- divide the page into two parts, on one side you can write the main heading or topic and on the other, you can write down the important points which come under the given heading. By doing this you will know the main points and the sub points under it.

2.Visual aid- this means using lots of colors, diagrams, mind maps and concept maps. Colours are basically a catchy treat to the eyes, so the more colorful you make the work, it is easier to remember.

3.Underline- as you are reading something, underline the important words, by doing this you are highlighting the fact that it is important and should be kept in mind. Everything that you read in a sheet of paper is not important or relevant, so mark what you need.

4.Make notes- as and when youre reading something, make notes of what you understood and keep a dictionary in hand so that you can read the meaning of the words you do not understand. This will make the understanding easy and relatable.

5.Mark- now when you are reading something, try to understand what it means and rewrite it in your own words so that you have a better understanding of it. If you have doubts write it next to the paragraph. So that you can clear it later.


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