5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Daily to Achieve Success

Constant improvement is not easy. Whether it is a job, a better quality, or a way of life you are looking to harvest, staying on the positive side of the growth takes hard work. My whole life, I have been absorbed by worlds that have taught me how to continuously seek knowledge and regenerate myself.


In order to achieve success, you need to constantly ask yourself these five questions.


1. What Is My Unique Ability?


Every particular day, ask yourself, What is the one stuff that only I can do that no one else can? Most people stop at the shallow: I love to design, but there are enough number of designers out in the world, so I think Im not really all that different. Finding your unique ability takes hard work. You have to really look for all the things you are best at, and then find the point where they all come together.  Your unique ability isnt one strength. Its the sum of all your strengths. 


2. Am I Still Growing?


This is something I learned through my years captivated in the world of competitive fitness its always about growth. Who you were yesterday doesnt matter. The only thing that matters is if you are growing right now. When I check my life, I dont so much care about how many bucks Im going to make, or how many awards Im receiving. Your main focus should be on whether you are growing or not. If youre in an environment of growth, learn everything you can.


3. Am I Taking Care of Myself?


If you want to be good, really good, like Michael Jordan good then you need to live your life as if you are an NBA All-Star and you have a game against your biggest rival tomorrow. If that were your life, you wouldnt do a single thing to keep yourself from playing the best game of your life. That needs to be how you treat every single day.


This isnt a sprint, its a marathon. This isnt about some fast path to success. This is about a way of life that is going to carry you from one success to the another.

Take care of yourself. Its going to be a long road.


4. What Is the Next Skill I Need?


No matter what your hunt in life is, its important that you constantly add new skills to your toolbox. But I can surely say that any skill I have learnt out of genuine interest has led me to a good path.


Dont worry about where its going to lead. If youre interested in something, then follow that path and walk down to its end. Dont overthink it. Trust, and just focus on learning and mastering the skill.

5. What Am I Most Proud of?


It is so, so, so important to pause and enjoy your successes along the way. Whether thats something tangible, like a raise or a new car, or something intangible, like a healthier self-esteem or a newfound sense of confidence, its crucial to enjoy those moments. If you dont, you will feel like a hamster on a wheel, never taking a break, never resting, always looking for the next rewardand then the reward will come and you wont even realize it because youre already onto the next task.


Its a fine line, but its necessary for balance. Constant growth is great, but what good is it to reach for the sun if you never stop to enjoy the sun in the first place?

Be like a tree. Always grounded and at the same always growing.


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