Why Roger Federer makes the world a better place

You can type his last name with just your left hand in a matter of seconds. Because when it comes to him, its all about making things easy.

Roger Federer entered 2017 as a 35-year-old. Before turning 36, he has already won two Grand Slams – the Australian Open in January and Wimbledon in July. But now he is 36. Men age, but Federer does not fall in that category. A man gets tired. Federer just goes through time and life like a knife through butter. Smooth, simple and effortless.

Even when he plays, hes forever fresh as though he takes a shower after every point, a power nap after every set and a sip of tea after every game. There is something about Federer. Something I havent seen in other men. Perfection comes to him as naturally as breathing comes to us. When he was young, he seemed like a promise. A promise of a wonderful future. A future that inevitably arrived.

Him winning isnt just a habit he has, its a habit we have too. He has been doing so for a long, long time. Clearly he knows something we dont. Behind that bandanna and wavy hair, lies the secret to tennis immortality. He picks the times he wants to play now.

But his true legacy will live on in people like us. People who watched him play. People who watched him grow old and fine, like wine. If anyone who hasnt seen Federer play ever reads this, I just hope they know that there were some of us who were treated to a man who had divine powers, which he used only for good. No, he did not stop wars nor did he solve any other problem the world faces right now. And as of August, 2017, it is facing a heap. He simply played tennis.

He was a man who was kind, generous, and more often than not, had an ace up his sleeve, if you know what I mean. His forehand was to die for, and his backhand made life worth living. Like I said, he did not solve the worlds problems.

But when he plays, he makes us forget our problems. In these moments, he made the world a better place.

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