Hasan, a 75-year-old man defines the true meaning of being Indian on Mahashivratri

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In our daily life we keep reading cases of how the Hindu-Muslim divide fuels tensions in the country. But even as the nation becomes ‘intolerant’, there are still stories of communal harmony which kindle some hope.

The management of a 200-year-old Shivalya temple in Lucknow decided to do something different on the occasion of Mahashivratri by honouring Noorul Hasan, a Muslim, for his tireless services.

Not only that, Dinesh Sharma, Lucknow’s mayor, will also felicitate the 75-year-old businessman who has often been called ‘Nandi’ (an ardent follower of Lord Shiva) by the Temple Trust, because of his contribution towards the religious establishment.

Hasan, who is fondly called chacha lives close to the temple. He and his family have been closely associated with the establishment for years, contributing significantly towards its restoration.

In times when the intolerance debate is popular, we need such stories which celebrate the real unity in India’s diversity


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