The road to “The International”

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As e-sports gain more visibility in the media thanks to TNC Pro Team!, a similar trend is starting to spread through the academia.


The latest supporter of competitive gaming is the University of The Visayas New School (UVNS), as it officially opens its e-sports and game development program through their Senior High Arts and Design track.

They have game strategy for Dota 2 which also includes game design, development animation, 2D and 3D animation, and of course, game creation.

After the completion of their course, the students can either choose to be game creators, designers, or e-sports players in the professional league.

The core subjects provided by the UVNS for e-sports track are theory, mechanics, strategy, and game awareness. Theyll also tackle game design, branding, and entrepreneurship.

They are one of the three schools in the Philippines recognized by Apple and the only school in VisMin. The university located in Mandaue, is one of the eight campuses of the University of the Visayas.


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