Rann of Kutch

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Close your eyes and imagine the utter emptiness. A white nothingness, a beautiful, frost-colored land and fat as an ice lake, burning the eyes with its whiteness. Not a bump, not a shrub, not a bird, not a breeze. Nothing but white in every direction, horizon after horizon, on and on for over two hundred miles east to west, and almost one hundred miles north to south.

This is the Rann of Kutch (or Kachchh), the largest area of nothingness on the planet; The Rann of Kutch is rendered by the salt marshes here. The term Rann literally means a salt marsh. Over the years the place has gained massive popularity for being a must-visit destination for serious solo bikers across the globe. The amazing ecosystem enables the balance of a desert on one side and sea on the other. The best time to visit Kutch is during winters, especially on the full moon nights as the reflection of the moonlight on the white sand looks amazing. The Rann Festival is also organized during the same time and that adds for a lot of activities in and around here.


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