Dharamsala is a beautiful city that has a lot of natural sceneries to offer

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Chances are, youve already been enamored by the beauty that Dharamshala offers. Many of us carry stories of our trip to the mountains that sit there royally, marking the hemisphere, nestling small towns in their laps. While some of us remember it for the Bhagsu waterfall and the cold water that played at our feets as we indulged in some piping warm Maggi, the others remember being awestruck by the site that awaits anyone who completes the Triund trek.

Thats the thing about mountains, they somehow make you travel within: it is not so much the winding road to the summit as it is to self discovery, your soul and the quiet peace that waits for you there.

There is so much to explore in Mcleodganj. There are new people coming in everyday and you experience so much when you meet new people, hear of their stories. Its an idyllic life. A trek atop a mountain is the end of a bad day. And in Winters, you will find yourself on a snow laden path to peace. 

You will see sights that you only saw in postcards. The nights can be whatever you want them to be: for soft merriment, or quiet contemplation. And the evenings can be spent watching sunsets such as these. Just imagine being here, under all these stars. Maybe you will have your faith in humanity reinstated. Seriously, there are way too many for anyone to capture. 

And when it rains, the streets become prettier.You will learn to find pleasure in your own company. It is a beautiful place where time flows softly. And no matter the time and season, there is beauty waiting to be discovered.


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