The Wrecking Club In New York is the answer to all your anger management worries.

Did you get fired from work? Are you going through a bad break-up? Or are you just feeling like Angie from Mr. and Mrs. Smith? If you are, then, you’ve got good news coming your way. Two words: Rage rooms. What are rage rooms? They are places that you walk in radiating dark wisps of wrath and walk out feeling like you’ve got everything under control.


The Wrecking Club is one such place that offers the unusual form of therapy. With each of the sessions stretching up to 30 minutes, they make sure you have fun while you’re in there. And let off some steam.  Here’s how you make the most of it.


Step 1: Choose what goes into the therapy session.


Step 2: Wear protective gear(don’t worry, everything will be alright.)




Yes, you read that right. Wreck it all! The dishes, the television, the laptop, the furniture! Wreck them all. Channel your inner Goddess or maybe the version of Carrie Underwood that’s a pro at Louisville sluggers( I’m all about the latter.)


You get three weapons to choose from: A bat, a sledgehammer, and a crowbar. Make the choice and go to town with it. Smash the dishes against the walls and shatter the glass on the TV. Make sure you ask a friend to videotape the entire fiasco and show everyone not to mess with your inner Harley Quinn.


Tom Daly, the founder, and a former financial analyst came up with the Wrecking Club while trying to create something cool and to say that it is doing well is an understatement. If you’re ever in the mood for swinging away at inanimate objects, head over to The Wrecking Club in Manhattan. Two is always better than one, so make sure you get your bestie or your romantic interest to tag along. As long as the swinging is restricted to the inanimate objects, it’ll be fine.


Image Source: NRToday

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