Why I will visit Shanghai again and why you should too

With its bustling activity and unparalleled energy, Shanghai is a place where anything and everything is still possible. So full of dreams and incessant energy. If you ever walked through the streets of Shanghai, you’d feel empowered amidst the tall buildings, a life unlike anything else.


Walking down the Zig-Zag bridge in Shanghai might just be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had while traveling. The bridge is usually very crowded but I was lucky enough to take a walk at night under an umbrella. With the gold and silver hues of the Koi in the pond and the lights from the tea house setting the ambiance, it was simply impossible to not feel warm on that cold evening.


Here are a few other things that deserve a second visit in Shanghai:


  • The Oriental Pearl TV Tower:

An outstanding landmark of Shanghai, the TV tower stands at a staggering 468 meters. The tower has a total of three observation decks that provide breathtaking views from different heights.  


  • Yuyuan Garden:

Dating back to the 16th century, this garden took 20 years to complete and is a beautiful place to relax amidst all the hustling.


  • Huangpu River cruise:

This might be one hell of an experience if you choose the right kind of cruise boat. While on the cruise, you’ll get a breathtaking and rather contrasting view of the modern and well as colonial-era buildings. Add in the view of bridges to the list and you’ll have a cruise to remember. If you’re going during the colder months, wear a jacket and enjoy the light evening drizzle.


  • The Bund:

Comprising of the best views in Shanghai, staying in a hotel that offers a good view of the Bund is highly recommended. If you’re unable to do that, reserve a table for dinner on the balcony and take it all in.


  • Former French Concession:

The perfect place to take a daytime stroll. Established in 1849, the Old French concession will feel like you’ve traveled back in time. It is home to many restaurants and affordable stores making it perfect for families. If you want a place to leisurely wander through during your hectic trip, this is where you should go.


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