Know about the only universal township which is in India.

When we talk about making our world a better place to live, Name of Auroville must come in the list. It is a township located in Tamilnadu India. It is universal town for men and women from all over the world. Anyone from world can come and live in Auroville as it belongs to nobody in particular but to humanity as a whole. People come and live in peace and harmony that is the objective of this township. To maintain human unity in world, to build an ideal society, an ideal city, it was inaugurated on 28, February 1968 in presence of 5000 people. Now the town has 50,000 people living in it from 50 nations. India contribute one third to its population which is growing rapidly. The quote “vasudeva kutumbakam” which means whole world is one family is followed by Auroville. The concept was developed by The mother, in 1930, it was presented to government of India who put this idea to UNESCO in 1966 which approved it, commending it as a project of importance to the future of humanity. Today it is the only society, internationally, which experimented human unity. Auroville practices sustainable living, with culture development and environmental concerns. It also takes care of human and spiritual needs of mankind. At the centre of Auroville there is peace area, which has Matrimandir located in it. People came here and follow the peace rule. It is built on land which contains soil of 121 nations including 23 Indian states. The whole town was built on barren land which is now transformed to green land by the steps of conservationist. Auroville also consist of industrial area of 109 hectres, which is for green industries. It has small and medium scale industries with training centres for arts and crafts. They also provide training for administration. The resident zone of Auroville is of 189 hectares which is biggest in all four zones. It has boundary of parks all around to maintain nature with urban density. There is green belt which is built in 1.25 km that surrounds the whole city. The green belt consists of dairies, organic farms, wildlife and forests and serves as a source for food, timber and medicines. Green belt shows us how Auroville is transformed from barren land to eco-system. There is international zone which host national and culture pavilions to establish human unity in diversity built in 89 hectares. The culture zone is essence of this township which practices and research on education and artistic expression. All the facilities for sports, arts, education and cultural activities is provided here. It shows how people from different nations and varied culture come together to live under one roof and learns from each other. They accept each other and their culture and live in harmony. When the whole world is developing nuclear weapons to show their power, Auroville is grooming Love between nations to develop peace in the world.

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