Five Movies That Will Leave You Inspired!

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There are some movies that alter our dreams and aspirations. They make us think and want to do something for the world. They make us want to inspire people inti being a better human being. These movies leave a mark of their own on all its viewers. They are remembered forever and even generations after their release, film-lovers watch them, enjoy them and get inspired. Here are 5 of those movies that altered the reason why we watch movies.

1. Good Will Hunting

Released in 1997, it is the story of a young boy of high intelligence but is in the path to ruins. Played by Robin Williams, the psychiatrist in the movie shows him direction in life. The movie showed us how every one of us is born with some talent. We are supposed to find our inner talents and use them for the betterment of humanity. Good Will Hunting, while being a great movie, also gives us this piece of wisdom.

2. The Pursuit of Happyness


         The movie is inspired from the life of the American entrepreneur Chris Gardner. Will Smith portrays the character of the man who sells bone density checkers for a living. Even when his financial conditions get totally unstable and he gets evicted from his apartment along with his little kid, he lives with his head held high. Never does he let people know that he is totally broken. It is a film that tells us that anything is possible if you try.

3. Remember the Titans

              Remember the Titans is a films that tells the story of the African American football coach, Herman Boone, who lets black players into the high school football team for the first time. Risking his own job and career as a coach, he trains the boys and bring together the black and white boys in the team. His determination is paid when the whole society accepts the changes and welcomes the Blacks into their homes. It shows that humanity is still among us if only we look for it within us.

4. The Boy In Striped Pajamas

                  The Boy in Striped Pajamas (2008) is the film set in the Nazi rule in Germany. The son of a German military leader, played by Asa Butterfield, stumbles upon a Jewish boy, played by Jack Scanlon, who is confined to a concentration camp and they become friends. The story ends when both of them winds up in a gas chamber in the camp. It is a heart-touching film that draws out the life during the German war and how humanity was grossly violated in those camps. It forces and inspires us to live with kindness and sympathy.

5. The Shawshank Redemption

     It is the story of a man who is wrongly sentenced for life imprisonment and who escapes prison after 10 years. It reminds us of the words of Peter Pan, “if you believe in something for long enough and hard enough, it’ll come to you. Andy Dufresne lives 10 long years in prison and when he leaves the places finally for good, it is no longer what it was. The movie will leave you wanting to watch it over and over again.


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