Azhar Maqsusi from Hyderabad has been feeding the hungry from past 5 years

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Azhar Maqsusi, a 36-year-old shop owner from Hyderabad has been feeding the hungry and the poor people from past five years. He prepares food for around 200-300 people and distributes them near Gandhi Hospital gates.

It was the look of the wrinkled face of an elderly woman that changed the life of Azhar Maqsusi. Four yeas ago, the 36-year-old was walking along the railway tracks near Dabeerpura in the old city when he came across a poor woman lying on the footpath exhausted from starvation. The vision stirred something deep in him and from what little amount he carried, Azhar bought some food and fed her.

She was in tears and it moved him. And that incident has stayed with him. From that particular moment, Azhar decided to spare a part of his earnings from his Plaster of Paris shop to feed the poor and the hungry. His wife was happy, preparing ‘khichdi’, which he wrapped in paper packets and started distributing among beggars and homeless under Dabeerpura flyover.

A word about the deed spread and support started pouring in. An NRI who came across the long queues of hungry persons being fed pledged to provide 15 bags of rice every month and others too offered help. Growing up in penury and well aware of hunger pangs, he says the effort was to alleviate hunger among as many as possible.

A class fifth dropout, Azhar now wants to go back to school and write the 10th class examination. And another aspiration that drives him is to set up an old-age home and a school.


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