Tracking Your Lost Android Device !

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Have you lost your new android mobile phone or tablet? Don’t cry over the loss just yet. Google has new technology that helps owners find their lost or stolen phones. And yes, it is possible even if there’s no sim card in the phone. The Android Device Manager, more popularly called Google’s Find My Phone Device can help you locate you phone in a matter of minutes. The service has always been available with the Android phone but people only came to know about it later. Apart from ADM there are a handful of ways for to get back your lost device. This includes the many security and anti-theft apps that are already available on Google play. These apps however need to be pre-installed into your phone for them to help you in any way.

The Android Device Manager can work only when the phone is turned on. The phone has to be connected to internet via mobile connectivity or Wi-Fi and should be visible on Google Play. If all these criteria are met then all you have to do will be to sign into your google account from any device and type in ‘Where is my phone?’ In Google. It will take you to the Google Play page where you can give your phone a ring or lock and erase all the data. But it can get impossible if the phone is not connected to internet.

So what can you do if your phone is turned off, obviously with no internet connectivity and location access? There is another solution which will help you out of the situation. The Google Timeline or Location History can be enabled to locate your phone even if it’s turned off. It is not actually a service meant to locate phones, but it simply aims to keep track of all the locations that you’ve been to using the Google Maps and the Wi-Fi services used. As a result accuracy can vary a little. If the phone is actually switched off, this can help you locate the last location before the phone was turned off so it is significantly useful in ways. This method will work even after long periods of time after the phone is lost. If someone else keeps using the phone it’ll be easily traced. And if the thief actually takes a picture in a  stolen phone that has the Google Photos back-up and sync option enabled, then you can locate the phone approximately by using the location info The location info can be accessed by logging into your Google account form any other device.

But for any of the above said tricks to work, you must have the phone already connected to your Google account. So for all those who have lost phones and are trying to get them back hope this article was helpful. And those who haven’t added their google accounts to their phones or don’t have a tracking app installed, go get it done now.  We dont want to take any chances with our precious Androids, do we?


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