The Story Of Amanico Ortega: Wealthiest Man in Spain!

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Amanico Ortega Goana was a poor little boy born in a remote village of Spain. His parents were almost always too poor to support the family of four children. Mr. Ortega was a worker in a local railway station and his mother was a house-maid. Young Ortega gave up education when he was 14 and found a job as shop assistant in a local dress store in La Coruna, Spain. It was the beginning of one of the world’s richest men.
Presently, his company Inditex has stores in more than 80 countries all over the world and its most popular brand Zara alone has over 2100 stores. 

           Amanico Ortega is now known to the world as one of the richest men on Earth who owns a long chain of retail designer clothes and accessory stores including the brand Zara. The life of Ortega is as dramatic as a Sidney Sheldon novel. From a life of utter poverty and troubles, Ortega managed to bring his family up into the lap of fortunes. The ideas of the young boy who cycled around La Coruna in his free times were so solid and when brought to life, they made him the wealthiest of men in the world.


Amanico Ortega had his first job in a clothes shop and it was there that he learned the business. With the experience he had, Ortega started a community group which designed and manufactured clothes as per demands. It included mainly women who were troubled financially and who were badly in need of a job. Ortega understood their lives only too well and he interacted with his employees and clients in such a way that the business began to flourish. He brought his whole family into business to look after the empire he was to build. By 1963, Ortega had started his own company named Confecciones GOA which came out big in manufacturing of bath-robes. In 1966 he married his long time business partner and friend Rosalia Mera Goyenechea. The company began to grow exponentially by 2000 with its stock market values going up. Ortega worked by the principle of delivering products as per the customer’s needs and as early as possible. The chain of stores owned by Ortega’s Inditex include Zara, Oyshko, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear and Bershka brands.

                    For an insanely wealthy man, Amanico Ortega has maintained a totally low-key profile. It seems he has taken extreme precautions to keep his family’s privacy safe from the intruding media and paparazzi. None of the Ortega family has ever given a public interview and they maintain their social media accounts strictly private. The total number of pictures of Amanico Ortega available on internet will not exceed 200 and most of these have been released by the Zara itself on several occasions. As of 2017, the net worth of this Spanish business tycoon is 76.3 billion US dollars. Well, here’s another fine example of rags to riches, who made to the top purely through hard work. The Ortega Empire is rumored to be run in future by Amanico Ortega’s youngest daughter Marta Ortega as soon as the old yet workaholic Mr. Ortega retires.


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