Meet NOUF-AL-MAWAAI, Saudi Arabias first certified Yoga Teacher.

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A woman who was born with lupus(a chronic autoimmune disease) and who is a breast cancer survivor has ensured her name on the pages of history by becoming the first certified yoga teacher of Saudi Arabia. Also, because of her efforts, the government has now certified yoga as a sport and has been encouraging everyone to adopt yoga into their day to day lives.

But how did she reach here??

Her journey too had many ups and downs or lets just say mostly downfalls because she never had anybodys support except for her parents.

She was born with an auto immune disease and it was difficult for her to lead a normal lifestyle. Someone told her about yoga and when she started reading about it, the more she researched, the more she got hooked.

After she completed her studies in Australia, she moved to India to study ayurveda more. She went to kerala, Delhi and parts of Himalayas.

Though her thoughts and actions were being oppressed by her relatives but she did not listen to anyone because her health was improving without any chemotherapy.

Slowly she completely adopted the lifestyle and kicked out cancer out of her body without any medications. Not only this, it has been 18 years since she has not taken any medications for lupus.

After she headed back to her home, she decided to reach out to people and teach them about yoga. But Saudi society was not an open society. Being a clinical psychologist, it was easy for her to connect to people. However trying new things for them wasnt easy. They thought of yoga as a Buddhist practice like meditation. With a lot of awareness campaigns through TV shows, she had put her heart and soul to spread the awareness about it.

Just like in India, people were associating yoga with a religious practice in Saudi Arabia too. Nouf explained them all the scientific reasons, the health benefits of yoga on the mind and body.

The fruit of the efforts is that now in Jordan there are more than 8,000 yoga followers.

She has a Center where she teaches 40 new people every month. 


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