Golden Temple- The Worlds most visited place.

The Harimandar Sahib commonly known as Golden Temple and Darbar Sahib is probably the holiest pilgrimage site for Sikhism. Situated in Amritsar, Punjab; Golden Temple is the symbol of peace, unity and spirituality.

The Golden Temple has got the largest kitchen providing langar to more than 1lakh people every day.

The beautiful ambience of the temple filled with shabads (hyms) sang by the preists offers spiritual solace.

The architecture of the temple is also different. The Temple walls are completely golden and the dome is covered with 24carrat gold plate. The temple is built at the land lower than the surrounding area offering a lesson of humility. The entrance from all the four directions symbolizes that people belonging to every walk of life are equally welcome.

Golden Temple is visited by thousands of devotees everyday. The grandiose of the temple seems more exquisite on special occasions such as Baisakhi and on the birthdays of the Sikh Gurus.

The temple beholds an important place in the Indian culture and history.

And now, there is another proud moment for us.

The World Book of Records (WBR), a London-based organisation that catalogs and verifies world records, has given the most visited place of the world award to The Golden Temple.

Other than Golden Temple, Vaishno Devi and Mount abu have also received this award.

Golden Temple attracts everyone from the world. The temple also teaches discipline and thousands of people regularly provide their services (sewa). The temple is open 24hrs 7weeks and anyone, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion is equally welcome to seek religious fulfillment and spiritual solace.

Its heartening to see that there are certain religious sentiments in India that still attract the right kind of attention! 

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