Only your thoughts can disable you, not your body.

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How bad life can be? Answers may vary from person to person but have you ever thought about how good life is even in worst situations. Well that is what Muniba Mazari is trying to tell every people living in this world. You may have disability in you but it is your opinion that matters. What you chose for yourself is the only thing that matters. Don’t see people or your situations around you, focus on yourself and world will recognize you for who you are. Muniba Mazari is a Pakistani artist, model, TV anchor, motivational speaker, singer and activist. She is only 30 and had become UN ambassador for women in Pakistan. Before becoming all of this, She was a normal woman who was married at 18 for her parents. She wanted to become an artist before getting married but she chooses happiness of her parents before her. After two years of her marriage she met with car accident. Her husband fell asleep while driving and somehow he managed to jump out of the car while Muniba was stuck inside that car. When she opened her eyes she was in hospital and the number of injuries she had is uncountable. Doctors told her that she can’t be artist as her hands won’t work anymore. Her ribs were broken, her spinal cord was dislocated and due to this internal organ including liver and lungs were badly affected. She became parlaysed. Her condition was so worst that she was bedridden for 2 years straight. She used to think about her existence in this world. While laying in bed she had thoughts about people who are lucky enough to see the world on their own feet. People have so many abilities but still they cry for their misfortunes. That was the day when she decided to tell everyone how lucky they are for getting this life. She chose to go out in her wheelchair so that people can see her disability and know about how luck can transform a person. She didn’t accept her disability in a way others did. She accepted it as her special ability to motivate the world. She started hosting a news channel. She became first model in Pakistan with wheelchair and now is the goodwill ambassador of UN for women in Pakistan. She says accept yourself the way you are and people will recognize you. Her life is true inspiration for all of us who always find some or other thing bad in themselves or their life. If she can paint her canvas with colours then we are also capable of creating a beautiful art. 


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