Living Virtual Reality!

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Imagine being able to travel the far off lands in your bucket-list without leaving your home! That will be really convenient for you, right? No need for visas, flight bookings or all that hassle. The time is arriving when this is possible. Virtual Reality devices that enables you to visit and move around places in real time have already hit the markets. The technology is now available in virtual gaming in form of the Oculus Rift and Sony PSVR. They have changed the whole perception of gaming. The time is not far that it changes how we live everyday life!

                        Samsung released its Gear S8 VR that is compatible with the whole Samsung Galaxy series in November 2015 in collaboration with Oculus. It was introduced as a gaming device as well as something that enhanced the experience of watching movies in mobile phones. The head gear provided its users the same feel as watching movies in a wide cinema hall. Oculus Rift was a more sophisticated virtual reality headset to be launched in markets in March 2016 by the Facebook-owned company called Oculus. It has all the facilities that came with the Samsung Gear VR and a little more. The headset works only with PCs with Windows so far but has excellent resolution with zero motion blurring. This all new head gear has adjustable facial positioning that allows users to wear their glasses while playing with it. Proving that the competition in this new trend would be tight, the Sony Play Station VR was launched. Compared to the other gadgets in the same range is built to work in its best form with the Play station 4s. It also works optimally with PCs and laptops. However, PSVR is remarked to have a lesser quality of resolution and other features compared to the Oculus Rift.

                 So far, all these make use of the technology for gaming purposes alone. Sometimes it goes beyond a little farther to give the experience of watching films in a cinema hall wherever you are. But, the scope of virtual reality devices can actually be life changing. They can enable doctors to visits patients in their homes without travelling the distance. The technology can enable the doctor to move closer and even examine the patient using both hands. It will be a huge revolution created in treatment of patients who are bed-ridden. Another scope is in conducting virtual meetings. Video calling was a great experience but what if you can be  there in person while having a face to face conversation with a friend? It will be another kind of communication altogether, but a far better one. Developments to make this future come true are going on as we speak. The time is not distant when men will be virtually travelling all over the globe and exploring regions as yet unknown. The innovations and the kind of knowledge that the invention will be able to bring about is not to be measured. It might just be the next electric bulb for all we know!


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