Magic of Meditation!

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Stress is becoming a common disease among the present generations. With lots of work hours spent in front of computers and lack of any amount of physical exercise, people are becoming sick more often than ever before. The growing competition in every field is only getting people more stressed. Yoga, the traditional Indian health remedy provides us with techniques to keep in good health, both mentally and physically. There are Asanas in Yoga which are basically exercises but highly advanced in terms of their effects in bodily functions. Yoga also has a unique element, called Meditation. It is a technique of calming one’s mind through breathing.

                                     Meditation is something which is dates back to the ancient years of India where the Rishis lived. These saints are believed to have practiced meditation as a means of pleasing the gods. The Rishis meditated for years and decades in a single stretch in what is called the Thapa. It kept them from experiencing hunger, thirst and other fleshly needs and helped them concentrate on achieving their ultimate goal – salvation. In today’s hectic pace, meditation or Dhyana as it is called in Sanskrit, is the best cure for the mental stress we experience.

                      Meditation is not a simple exercise. It is a method that has been evolved over many million years. The technique has been clearly explained in the book Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, an ancient Indian scholar and saint. It says that one should perform this is a calm and peaceful environment to gain the fullest benefit. It doesn’t matter where you are, in a workplace or at a home, but as long as you are free of disturbances, you can meditate there. You can close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing pattern while you do this. The process can go on for 10 minutes or an hour, but you are sure to have its benefits. Meditating brings your heart rates to the perfect normal levels and freshens up both mind and body. It is important though that you are completely comfortable while doing meditation. Ensure that you have proper clothes and not skinny jeans or something of the kind while you do it.

               As a beginner you should try meditating for 10 -15 minutes. It is not advisable to go for long stretches of meditation in the initial stages. Over time you can increase the duration of your Dhyana by practice. The benefits of meditation are not just confined to physical health. It energizes your soul and improves concentration, creativity and imaginative powers. The technique is said to have an immediate calming effect on the person. The deep breathing that is done during the process improves the blood flow into the brain and other organs by filling up your body with oxygen. It can be the soothing power in a routine of chaos. Since it can be performed almost in any serene environment, it is the best medicine that you can carry with you all the time. Just sit back straight and relax by closing your eyes and taking in deep breaths.


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