16 Years of Harry Potters magic

16 years ago, on 16th November 2001 released the first movie based on the Harry Potter series called “Harry Potter and the philosophers Stone.”

A movie based on the 1997 bestseller by JK Rowling instantly hit the charts and became the highest grosser of the year.

What made the movie different is the plot of the movie for which the author had faced numerous rejections before the no finally published.

But now as anyone hears the word wizard the first name that strikes in the minds is Harry Potter.

Rowling and her imagination finally broke through in a major way.

What was the movie about??

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was about an Orphan boy named Harry who lived in a cupboard underneath a staircase with his uncle and aunt, & how his life changes on his eleventh birthday when he finds out that he actually is a wizard like his parents were and has been enrolled into the hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry .

He finds friends there( Ron and Hermione) and enemies there, knows more about the reason of his parents death and also about some secrets of the school.

At a restricted place of the school the trio (Harry, Ron and Hermione) find a three headed dog named fluffy who was protecting the philosophers Stone. Later, they come to know that someone was trying to steal it in order to give it to Lord voldemort to get back into a body, who was the murder of Harrys parents.

The trio decide to protect the stone by themselves and had a doubt on Professor Snape but later come to know that all he was doing was to protect Harry and the one who actually wished to steal the stone was Harrys another teacher who couldnt kill Harry and was killed by him.

Rowlings imagination and the clever plot of the book were applauded even more after the movies success.

The casts remarkable performances and the whole team of Harry potter also received a thumbs up both by critics and audience for giving a life to the words of the book so well.

Even today Harry Potter has a separate space in the hearts of the audience and Danielle Radcliffe, the lead who played Harry Potter is more popular by his characters name than his own.

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