The X -factor for life

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At times you just lose your faith and have that gut wrenching good for nothing feeling when failure strikes ,well these are the times when you should put your best foot forward and just keep going on ..life will definitely treat you better.

Louis Tomlinson , a band member of ‘One direction’ ,is a live example .He had a tough childhood with early split of parents .Shortly after he lost his mother to cancer.He developed interest in music in his lower classes,which he always stuck to.He failed his A levels ,those are 11 and 12 classes and had to do odd jobs ,from being a waiter to the well known singer that he is today ,one thing remained same his faith in himself and his passion and love for music.

He went for the X factor auditions ,for solo participation .Which did not work out well for him ,but he was put in with the four other members of one direction , including Harry Styles,Liam Payne ,Zayn Malik,Niall Horan.

They hit the billboard hard with their albums,most songs topping the list of billboard top songs.Louis might as well has got through with the solo single ,but he was lead to greater glory all due to his faith and perseverance.

Never lose your faith in yourself even in the worst conditions and just keep going on ,life will definitely treat you better.


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