Stranger Things- A reason to binge

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Some television shows are just here to stay.

Winning over millions of fan around the world, the Netflix original series, ‘Stranger Things’ became one of the most cult popular shows in recent times. It threw social media into frenzy over its intricate plotline and endearing characters.

I mean what’s not to love about Stranger Things?

It finds itself based on a fictional community called Hawkins set in the 1970s. The story integrates all the quirks of the 70s into science fiction, horror and an intangible amount of soul kissing drama.

The 70s were all about conspiracy theories and paranoia revolving around government experiments and foreign, even extra terrestrial threats. There was also the classic slick gelled hair, acid washed jackets with patches and the game worshipped by the geek community, dungeons and dragons. No detail is spared in the narratives that just happen to capture the spirit of the generation X.

The plot revolves around a bunch of sprightly youngsters, out to score their share of childhood fun only to be met with paranormal incidences that leave them gearing up to save the world. The overbearing know-it-all, the sardonic funny guy, the emotional teary eyed one and the quiet shy adorable guy, the perfect bunch of friends trying to get through middle school. Then there are the sketchy antagonists, the scary government men in lab coats and masks, the school bully constantly disrupting lives and the regular bunch of adults dishing out responsibility. But the highlight is that one mysterious girl out of the woods, something about her is s very different and oh so very special.

The series leaves you clamouring for more, and fortunately, there is.

A second season followed the first, all the more better and well executed. The creators assure episode hungry fans that there are more seasons to follow. So here’s hoping for all the thrills to come.


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