The city of ideal system.

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If you are bored with the daily updates of news around you full with the crime and drama and you just want such a situation which can make you really relax, you must think about Iceland. I’m just suggesting cause I’ve read a lot of content about this place and that’s why as a whole conclusion, I would like to say this country as the ideal country.

Here, crime rate is very less or we can say it’s like zero. May be one or two cases are seen within two or three years and are taken very seriously. Recently here, a case has come to light about a girl who has been murdered. A few days back, a girl was murdered in the capital of the country. It is very normal for us but people of the country were not able to take it easy. They were very shocked.

I guess, this city is full of silence and happiness. May be the reason behind this is that there is no discrimination of classes and status. About 96 percent population of the country supposes itself as a middle class so almost they regard them the same.

So, one trip is genuine to Iceland guys. Let’s see the way of happiness, just go and visit.


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