Sailboats to Euphoria

Do you ever just sit back, take a gander at the world around you and let out that sigh of complete contentment?

They don’t show up all that often, skulking behind closed doors and locked fences, smothered in heavy layers of mist and shadow. They are uniquely rare things, popping out of nowhere and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

But there’s no denying their existence.

Their mystical appeal lies in their scattered appearances all through our lives.

Thinking of nothing in particular, you suddenly find yourself smiling. Smiling with nothing to indicate why and yet, there you are. All in the middle of your daily chores, scrubbing a bowl or vacuuming the floors, you find yourself humming a distant song that had for years been forgotten to all including you. These are but a couple gentle reminders of all those strange things that happen every so often that leave us basking in a state of melancholy bliss. Something that leaves you feeling free, like everything is right with the universe and all your problems are vague inklings on the distant horizon.

It’s quite strange, but from personal observation, I find that these moments come to us when we find ourselves lost. Lost is, I suppose, the best word I could use to describe it. It’s when we immerse ourselves in nothing, think about nothing, focus on nothing, just allow ourselves to be led by the delicate swirls of the world that we are presented with that tinge of silent euphoria.

It almost makes you want to believe in something magic looking out for you as you take on this world with your head held high.

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