The perfect place to visit if you just want to escape from the city life

We live in a world that requires us to use modern facilities to make life easier. However, our modern lives keep us so busy that we never have the chance to just shut our phones and discover the world around us. We dont get the chance to disconnect and be alone with our thoughts.

At the same time, the endless mails from office and the stress that comes with keeping a social life alive, tires us. Were so stressed that we want to go for a long vacation that will somehow give us an escape out of our modern lives.

If you happen to be looking for a great break to get your normal life back, consider this place which is very close to nature and very far away from modern life:

Imagine walking out of your room and seeing only white. Theres white sand everywhere and the view fills you up. That is exactly what you will find at this resort located in Rann of Kutch. It is the only village resort to be built on the white sand.

Youll get to stay in mud huts designed with traditional patch work, getting the total desert experience. For all those people who depend on machines, youll get to meet people who make a living out of hand-made work like beautiful embroidery. 

With ATMs that run on solar power and such a great culture, this resort should be visited for the peek it gives into rural life.

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