It’s time we learn how to live our lives from Shinchan

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Back then when I was a kid, I used to watch a lot of cartoons on TV. Shinchan, a Japanese cartoon series, this was based on probably the naughtiest kid in the world who indulged in thrills, the level of which would take a giant leap with every single episode. If trouble had a face, it would look like Shinchan. And somewhere in Shinchans quest of indulging in thrills, we found ours.

Shinchan found his fan base in kids who purposely avoided sitting on the first three rows in class. As far as the front-benchers were concerned, we knew that they were watching Shinchan too, just that they would never discuss it.

He would go around irritating his friends, but never gave up on them. He would annoy his mother at the first chance that he got, but would never mean any harm. He would never take his dog out for a walk, but that didnt mean he loved him any less.

Shinchan did everything that a kid his age would do. Remember how Shinchans friend Kazama was always trying to do a hundred things at once? From taking language classes to learning ballet, Kazama was all over the place. But, not our man Chan.

Shinchan had mastered the art of living in the moment, something we all have forgotten in this day and age.

You know how people keep telling you to be yourself, even if the real version of you is not something many would appreciate?

Thats Shinchan for you. He is what he is and has changed for no one. Why dont you try it too?


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