Are you good or are you the best?

What is the difference between good orators and the ones who simply take your breath away?

We have all come across people who are so good at oration that it barely seems like they are speaking to you. It feels more like they weave a web, a vast magical web which doesnt entrap you, but you willingly give yourself over to it and are rewarded with enthrallment.

Have your ever considered what makes these people wizards of words?

Is it experience?

Perhaps knowledge?

I disagree. Have you ever beheld the gurgling of a baby? It is one of the purest sounds in the world. The baby can bring joy to you on a fundamental level without even being capable of uttering a single intelligible word. Does the baby have any experience, which YOU, dear reader do not have?

There is a little voice in your head which is the sole reason you are capable of reading this. This is the voice which remains true to us from our first breath to the very last. This is the voice which is capable of YELLING OUT LOUD and at the same time, be softer than a feather falling on a bed of roses.

Whenever there is something we need to form an opinion about, there free flow of thoughts occurring within us. When we immerse ourselves in that stream of raw truth, it is when we are able to find answers that we truly believe in. When we are able to voice these answers, the simple fact that they are the embodiment of the truth which echoes through us, imbues them with something which cannot be measured, but can be definitely be felt by the listener.

So what is it that sets a wordsmith apart from a layman?



The world will be your oyster.

If you think about it, this simple idea applies to everything we do in life.



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