The Deathly Delicacy

  What better thrill to truly experience life than a close call with death? You feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins and the excitement pumping you alive.

  Fugu may be just the thing you need to experience the thrill of a lifetime. Fugu or the puffer fish contains heavy toxins that are potentially fatal if ingested. Fascinatingly poisonous species of fish is a delicacy in the land of Japan. It is typically served as Sashimi or Chirinabe.

  The tetrodotoxins present predominantly in this peculiar fish due to the bacteria it feeds on, causes paralysis of the muscles while a person is still conscious. Eventually, it results in death due to asphyxiation. Tetrodotoxins are up to 1200 times stronger than cyanide. It is the one food the Emperor of Japan is forbidden from eating for reasons of safety.

  Due to its high toxicity, the Japanese authorities have taken extreme precautions to prevent causalities. The chefs are required to apprentice for two to three years before preparing this exotic dish themselves. They are legally required to obtain certificates which are issued only after rigorous tests. The toxins are prevalent in the liver, eyes, and ovaries of this fish and it takes great skill to cook only the edible parts.

  Fatalities caused by pufferfish poisoning have gone down steeply due to heavily enforced regulations. So when down in Japan, dont forget to try this dangerously delicious dish.

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