Judging the Exterior- A handy guide

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Don’t judge a book by its cover? Well how else would you do it?

If you often go book browsing in quaint musty smelling book stores, you’ll know that you usually pull out books only by glancing at their jackets. Its only post aesthetic that you find yourself flipping through a couple of pages to see how you like the content or maybe just read the synopsis on the back of the book.

The phrase never made any sense to me. Alright, I get it, a person should not be judged for their external appearance. One can only claim to know anything about their lives after walking a few miles in their boots. But there is no conceivable way that this could work out with all kinds of strangers.

It’s instinctive to make decisions about what a person might be like before approaching them and trying to start a conversation with them. The brain gives them a one over and factors in anything that might give a clue as to who they are.

There are a lot of things that are a dead give away if one truly learns to study people. There’s the style of clothing, their posture, their expressions, how they carry themselves, that strange glint in their eyes. Arthur Conan Doyle had his famous detective, Sherlock Holmes figure out occupations and recent past using only his deducing skills at reading a person. A lot of magicians, hypnotists, psychologists and those of various other professions that employ those that have to master sleight of mind, also rely on their ability to read people.

And isn’t that was self expression is all about. Everybody chooses to depict a part of themselves to all that cares to look at them, through their attire. People dress up to exhibit their personalities. Everything that adorns a person, their piercings, their make up, going sockless on shoes, anything at all only goes to reflect a person’s intimate thoughts. There are exceptions, of course.

There is no way around judging and forming first opinions based on sight alone. So you might as well help yourself make better decisions by reading into those little factors.


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