The house made out of newspapers

If you go to Rockport someday in Massachusetts, USA, take some time to drive down Pigeon Hill Street and look out for a sign that says “Paper House”. The one story red house looks like an ordinary house, but is actually made of paper.

Mr. Elis F. Stenman, a mechanical engineer started building his summer home out of paper as a hobby. He began constructing the house to explore the properties of newspaper, but as time went on it grew into much more than that. Eventually, Stenman began crafting chairs, tables, lamps, and even a piano out of rolled-up newspaper.

Now, thanks to Stenmans recycling spirit, his Paper House has made its place in history – fitting for a structure which is literally built from so much of it.

His Paper House is not only a popular tourist attraction, but a monument to the eco friendly lifestyle.

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