Make things fancy this International Coffee Day

Its official. Caffeine has taken over our lives. Like an insatiable addiction to a generous, accepting and comforting drug, coffee has become the reason the world turns, and the driving force behind it even doing so. 

Look around you and you see people bustling about, driving themselves through their schedule crawling toward their next cup of Joe, but did you ever think of how beige it all gets after a while? Everyone has their personal cup of perfect java, with carefully measured out proportions and rigidly ordered steps ingrained into their daily routines. 

Have you ever wanted to shake things up? My favorite type of coffee that mixes up a mundane week is the Vincent Vega Vanilla Coke Cuppa. Being a huge fan of Pulp Fiction, I immediately tried out the strange concoction after changing across it one fateful day. 

But what IS the triple V double C, you ask? Exactly what the name suggests. The character Vincent Vega drank his signature Vanilla Coke in the movie Pulp Fiction, and the craze caught on. The coffee uses a cup of coke, with a shot of expresso, topped carefully with vanilla syrup and just ice. Sounds strange? While this may seem like a caffeine (and sugar) overdose, the drink definitely has its share of hardcore fans. Originally served in a cafe called The Mission, the drink is sure to wake you up, and wake you up good


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