20th Fallout 1 Anniversary sees the original Fallout available for free

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 Its been twenty years since the video game franchise released Fallout 1 and Bethesdas treating everyone to an absolutely free copy of the game on Steam. While the offer isnt up forever, its a great chance for anyone whos always wanted to play the first game of the series but couldnt get their hands on it. The offer stays up till midnight, 30 September, which marks the games original release date. 

The game gave way to one of the most influential and recognizable game franchises and follows the Vault Dweller in an adventure that is nothing short of epic – beating a group of not-exactly-friendly mutants and save the Vault. The undertones of the game and the atmosphere strongly refer to the feelings of post-war terror and the general negative consensus about nuclear tech as was commonly observed twenty years ago when the game came out. 

Although Bethesda owns the franchise now, Fallouts original creators were Black Isle Studios. It was a huge hit and ended up getting many titles for best rpg game from multiple sites and magazines. 

Theres no reason not to download the amazing game for free; the minimum specs for the game read Pentium 90Mhz CPU and 16MB RAM.


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