Making decisions is extremely hard. I don’t suppose that tidbit of information comes as a great shock to anyone. Man is the only creature recorded that has developed the incentive and the way to keep time. We don’t just worry about the now, you’ll never truly find one of us actually living in the moment .We map out our journey across time without even realizing it, every time our brain is given something to process, it does so considering the effects it has on us now and about ten years down the line.

That’s exactly why choosing one path out of a million is so very demanding a task.

From experience we know how uncertain the future can be, yet we seek to define all that lies ahead of us. Experience becomes yet another factor. The longer we spend on this planet, the more we learn, the more we understand. With that bounty of knowledge stored away in our tiny minds, we begin trying to equate what we have understood to how that information will help us choose right. While this is necessary, it doesn’t always prove accurate for no two situations can ever hope to be alike. Similarities are all we have to base our suppositions on.

And how could I forget, there’s other people’s opinions as well. You might not want them but you’re going to get them anyway. No matter how ridiculous you think their advice sounds, you will undoubtedly find it influencing your choices, maybe subconsciously. I don’t mean to put down external advice, sometimes it’s the most helpful thing you can get before setting out on your chosen path. But then again, this is entirely a matter of opinion and situation.

All this said and done, in the end, decisions have to be made. The act of choosing is never a choice. Like they say, not choosing is a choice in itself. Consequences must be considered but never let them overwhelm you. Learn to relax and tell yourself things will be alright even if what you’ve done ends up a mistake.

Be a good sport and learn to clap failure on the back and an amicable smile.

Things will go wrong but stand by the path you choose to tread. Someday it might just pay off.

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