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Looking up at a sprawling night sky, sprinkled with bright little pinpricks, most people get sucked into raw, powerful beauty of how mysterious and far away the rest of the universe is. It draws you into a feeling of insignificance and pushes the rest of the world far away from you as well, leaving you feeling lightheaded and fuzzy. 

Something that always intrigued mankind is their place in the universe, the meaning of their existence and how important that meaning may be in the grand scheme of things. 

In the midst of the unnerving emptiness of an existential crisis comes the little voice of reason that promises greatness to even the tiny little speck staring up into the sky. As unimaginably huge as the universe may be, and as little as we know about it, our curiousity and need to know more, to understand and appreciate gives us direction and clarity to the disorienting gloom of never making a big enough difference. 

Slowly, it become clear that it isnt possible to change the entire universe, and changing the world is never permanent enough. Changing the circumstances immediately around you seems a worthy pursuit, but ultimately, what matters the most is not who you influence, about how you feel yourself. You are part of the universe, and your perspective on it is unique. And as how you feel about your adventures and observations changes you, so too, in a way, does the universe. 


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