Why are we so scared of spending time alone?

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To begin with, lets talk about the expression, Spending time alone. The word alone gives it such a negative significance and assures you that spending time with yourself is actually not thoughtfully or socially acceptable.

Human beings are social animals. It is obvious that we need to make bonds with people in order to learn things, learn lessons and build ourselves emotionally. But we become so used to being around people that we often dont want to be spend time alone with ourselves. The need for a social life for the social media is turning us away from the idea of the self. Were increasingly looking out for friends and lovers who would make life more happening and lovable. This is the kind of behavior that often lets us become needy, feeling empty when people go away from our lives, and the sole reason we allow ourselves to be part of fake relationships.

You allow your mood swings, the tone of your day and the situations of your life depend on others. That is exactly where you go wrong. Moreover, why would you expect others to love you when you dont even love yourself?

The only way to improve your relationship with yourself is to work on the relationship you have with yourself. The moments when you feel you need to be around buddies or text them, please remind yourself that you have you.

Why do you want love from others? Find it within yourself.

And heres a little secret: when you start loving yourself for you, everything in life just kind of comes together. What others think of you least matters and you attain a peaceful mind.

So, spend time with your own reflections. And give yourself all that gratefulness and acknowledge that youre looking for. Jean Paul Sartre wrote, “If you are lonely when youre alone, you are in bad company.” And that is the exact kind of thoughts that vibrates with our generation today. We mostly look down upon spending time alone which makes loving ourselves an amazing idea.

But if you try to spend some time with your own thoughts, you may just find yourself. And when you do, there wont be any bond happier than that.


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