The Magic Bean

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The aroma of the coffee bean, that gently molded scent that speaks of the warm rich earth where it was grown and nourished, whispering the secrets of life.

I have always been more partial to tea as a recreational beverage, but Ive got to hand it to the coffee bean, that fantastic smell it exudes has me weak in the knees. I always find myself walking slower than usual while passing through cafes or one of those stores that sell you all kinds of fancy exotic coffee. Just basking in that warm essence of a plant bean, thinking distant honeyed thoughts.

I suppose its that bitter sweet taste that lingers on long after the last draught has been drunk that keeps the coffee obsessed clamoring for more.

Woe be to anyone who insults coffee before an ardent coffee lover. Coffee worship has become popular in this culture that lives on that extra caffeine surge that drives them to go the extra mile. Sleeplessness and twitchy eyes are a small price to pay for that murky brown black warm liquid.

Those little effervescent bubbles that rim the surface of the coffee, forming gentle strokes of brown against that mug that lie warm in your hands. A warm blanket draped around and your palms encircling a comforting cup of joe. And its just coffee anymore, were talking about so many kinds of froths and flavors, vanilla, chocolate chips, infiltrating the mass market. Its a welcome invasion as agreed by all concerned.

Its amazing how coffee factors in so much of our lives. A little hint of caffeine brightening up our days.


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