Treaties among them

The first treaty signed between India and Nepal was signed in Kathmandu on 31st July, 1950. It was a bilateral treaty between both the countries. The treaty followed free movement of people and goods between both the countries and collaboration of military actions and foreign affairs. The treaty basically consisted of 10 articles which clearly specified about the friendly relation bonding regarding military actions and foreign relations, economic development and import of guns and ammunitions by Nepal. This treaty cancelled all the old treaties, contracts and agreement and replaces it with the new treaty of 1950 and is still in action till today.

Indo- Bhutan 1949 treaty was signed on 8th August, 1949. This got India and Bhutan into very good relations which included free trade and extradition. India provided several military aids to Bhutan when Bhutan was fighting china over territorial issues and it was a two- front war which also involved Pakistan.

Indo- Bhutan relations par 1972:- Bhutan made good trading relations with Pakistan, China and other South Asian countries rather than with India but between 2003 and 2004, the royal Bhutanese army conducted a lot of military operations against anti- Indian insurgents like ULFA.

Indo- Bhutan treaty of 2007 declared a new era of friendship between India and Bhutan. The new treaty replaced the provision in the old treaty that Bhutan neednt take permission from India regarding foreign policies. India allows in total of 16 entry and exit points for trade openings with other countries exception being PRC and has agreed to import around 10,000 megawatts of electricity from Bhutan by 2020.

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